The award-winning Fareham Musical Society return with one of Agatha Christie's hidden gems!

Audrey Strange is on the verge of facing the court, having become a suspect for the murder of an elderly aristocrat woman at her house, Gull’s Point. With all evidences points to her, there is little doubt about her being guilty to anyone but Superintendent Battle. For the look in her eyes reminds him of his daughter’s.

On a night in September Angus McWhirter revisits Sharkhead near Gull’s Point. For months beforehand he attempted to take his life on that spot. Then he happens to see a woman who is about to do the same. He stops her. ‘Afraid,’ says Audrey Strange. ‘What are you afraid of?’ he asks. ‘I am afraid of being hanged..’

What does McWhirter’s presence at Sharkhead have to do with the murder? Meanwhile, Superintendent Battle is running out of time. For the blow in the head of the woman has been planned to its minute detail in order to implicate Strange for the killing. Can he prove Strange’s innocence by way of evidence? While his daughter’s case gives Battle an idea, he has realised that he  deals with a most peculiar mind he has ever known in his career.

Dates & times

Thu 24 October  7:30 PM

Fri 25 October  7:30 PM

Sat 26 October  7:30 PM

Ticket prices

£13 - £15