"In the reign of good Queen Vic, there stood, in Dumpling Lane in Olde London Town, the moustache shoppe of Mr Ebenezer Blackadder..."

So begins the hilarious pastiche of Charles Dickens' immortal Christmas tale, told via the historical machinations Blackadder and Baldrick.

As the Big Day fast approaches, Blackadder is visited by the Spirit of Christmas and show tales of the history of his predecessors, and a glimpse into his descendants to come...

Will these ghostly visions make a good man better? Don't be daft..!

Interalia Theatre return for one last time to bring you another adaptation for the classic comedy of old - a guaranteed laugh a minute Yuletide romp to kick off your Christmas festivities with a bang and a slice or two of turnip surprise...

(Inetralia Theatre can accept no responsibility for the contents of Baldrick's trousers)


Dates & times

Wed 4 December  7:30 PM

Thu 5 December  7:30 PM

Fri 6 December  7:30 PM

Sat 7 December  7:30 PM

Sun 8 December  7:30 PM

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